Taibon is the wonderland you don’t expect.

Various mall squares, adorned with ancient fountains, lead to the entrance of the wild San Lucano Valley, an amazing gem set between the vertiginous walls of Agner, Pale di San Lucano, and Pale di San Martino.

This valley, which points to the Guinness Records as the deepest glacial valley in the world, is absolutely the kingdom of that kind of tough mountain that rewards you with its immense beauty. Far from the crowds and with very few shelters (especially huts or bivouacs), the paths retrace the ancient smugglers and shepherds’ routes, revealing an uncontaminated and powerful nature.

The cave of a hermit saint (San Lucano) and the mythical Cor, a heart carved into the rock – the discovery of which is reserved for the most experienced rock climbers – watch over the San Lucano Valley, a mystical place that will make you experience a journey of the soul.

Taibon is the realm of geology enthusiasts: the San Lucano Valley, with the recent tracing of the Via della Dolomia, offers an outstanding environment, studied by scientists from all over the world. A short distance away, on Monte Pelsa, recent findings have brought to light a unique situation in all the Alps: the Pelsa-Vazzoler lagoon, a true tropical paradise in the Middle Triassic.

Taibon, the wonderland.

In Taibon, remember to...

  • Admire the Val Corpassa from the Forte di Peden by planning your excursion to the Vazzoler Shelter and the Civetta
  • Visit the Church of San Lucano to find out who was the apostle, saint, and hermit of the Dolomites
  • See the Pale di San Martino plateau reflected in the clear waters of the Peschiere Lake
  • Listen to the din of the Inferno waterfall breaking the silence of the San Lucano Valley

The following images are by Fulvio Pefumi