The Agordina Valley is a small town of many hamlets and an obligatory passage between the Conca Agordina and the Val di Zoldo.

Surrounded by the mountains of the Moiazza-Civetta group, the San Sebastiano massif, and Monte Celo, the Agordina Valley has preserved the authenticity of the old mountain villages, where you can still meet numerous original shepherd’s cottages and lodges. The municipal territory is partly included in the Belluno Dolomites Park and extends up to Passo Duran, where it rejoins the Alta Via N.1, reaching the Carestiato refuge on one side, and the ruins of the fortifications of Forcella Moschesin on the other, where you officially enter the territory of the Belluno Dolomites Park.

For more experienced climbers, the Pian de Caleda cliff is located on the road leading to Passo Duran: this is a true climbing paradise with over 40 routes of varying difficulty.

In the Agordina Valley, remember to...

  • Discover the treasures of local art in the church of San Michele Arcangelo
  • Visit the Ethnographic Museum dedicated to the history of local architecture and landscape, with a section on the Natural Park of the Belluno Dolomites
  • Pay attention to the Om Salvarech (wild man): the village of the Agordina Valley dedicates a spring festival to this gentle spirit of the woods