Located in a panoramic position at the foot of Colle Armarolo, the town of Rivamonte offers a splendid view of the main beauties of the Conca Agordina, from the Schiara Group to the Monti del Sole up to the peaks of the Moiazza-Civetta group.

Much of the territory of Rivamonte is located in the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites and, among its beauties, it boasts a unique place where they say history is “engraved in the rock“: we’re talking about the Mining Center of Valle Imperina, ancient mines pride of the whole valley and of the Serenissima which, starting from 1400, exploited them to extract cupriferous pyrite and produce copper.

The ancient mining site was closed in the 1960s and recently recovered (after a long period of neglect) and transformed to host a visitor center and a hostel that will allow experiencing such an essential piece of the Agordina history.

In Rivamonte Agordino remember to...

  • Search the Forte Dei Castei, an ancient fortification hidden in the woods at the Tagliata di San Martino point
  • Visit the Chair Makers Museum: as in Gosaldo, this ancient itinerant art will surprise you!
  • Experience the magic of Christmas in the houses and barns of the historic center during Riva Nadal, a typical market of handcrafted products