Capital of the valley, Agordo is the core of the Conca Agordina, the imposing natural amphitheater in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From the central square – one in a kind because it overlooks the Bròi (a vast emerald-colored meadow) – you can admire the peaks of the Moiazza-Civetta group, the Pale di San Martino group with Agner and Pale di San Lucano, the Monti del Sole, San Sebastiano, Tamer, and Moschesin.

Since forever the economic and cultural center of this area of the Belluno province, it was the guardian of the territory during the Venetian Republic, whose domination lasted until 1797 and an important mining center until 1962. Evidence of this flourishing past is the Villa Crotta – de’ Manzoni, overlooking the main square, and the Archdeacon Church which, with its two characteristic 33 meters high bell towers, characterizes the view of Agordo.

First a mining center and then a tourist center, it saw the birth of the first section of the CAI of the Eastern Alps in 1868, in homage to the many mountaineers, travelers, and pioneers of alpine tourism who, during the Grand Tour, discovered the wonders of this slice of heaven.

When in Agordo, remember to...

  • Plan a nice hike to one of the many peaks that surround the Conca while enjoying an aperitif in a typical tavern, overlooking the Bròi
  • Discover what zeolite is at the “U. Follador” Museum of Mineralogy
  • Go shopping at the weekly market that takes place every Wednesday
  • Get lost in the historic alleys of the center while shopping under the numerous arcades