Voltago is definitely the sunniest town in the Conca Agordina that you can admire from here.

This town of Medieval origin is characterized by the villages of Voltago and Frassenè, a famous tourist destination of the past century called “little Cortina”. Lying in a panoramic position in front of the “giant of giants”, Mount Agner, you can reach the two locations in a few minutes from Agordo. Both of them are the privileged starting point for excursions with the family and to approach more challenging routes on the Agner.


Images credits: Comune di Voltago Agordino and Rifugio Scarpa

In Voltago, remember to...

  • Discover the ancient tales of mythological men of the woods (Om Salvarech) by walking along the “Troi de le berte”
  • Visit a former artist’s atelier at a high altitude: the Rifugio Scarpa-Gurekian
  • Explore the beauty of alpine flowers along the “Fabio Miniussi” Nature Trail to the Pala della Madonna. Remember to look up every now and then: the Agner will take your breath away!