"La Rivolta" Amateur Climbing Association

Social purpose
The promotion of sport climbing in all its expressions, including competition and, in general, the collateral sports activities related to mountaineering and the mountains.

La Rivolta is a group of friends linked by the passion for free-climbing and a series of values: life as an inalienable good, a right to be defended and protected, and sport as a means to learn to love life.

Promotion of climbing through the maintenance of the Agordino cliffs; organization of sports events; management of the Taibon Agordino (BL) indoor boulder hall.

Agordino indoor boulder hall

San Lucano Valley

Immersed in a splendid wooded environment between Agner and Pale di San Lucano, the bouldering area of tthe San Lucano Valley is the largest in the Agordino and one of the most important in the Dolomites for the quality of the boulders. It was discovered and enhanced by Mauro Renon in May 2007 (sectors “B”, “C” and “D”). Later other professionals cleaned other boulders and added a new sector (“A” – “Peschiere-Tòrte”). The numbering of the lines is identical to that indicated on the boulders, and, in some cases, it is not progressive.

ATTENTION: after the Vaia Storm at the end of 2018, the boulders are largely inaccessible.

Agordino cliffs

This nice place with easy access takes its name from a military fort of the First World War and is close to the gym. Lately, it has restyled with the arrangement of the exits of some pitches now with independent chains and the creation of new climbing lines.

Masso di Dolomia dello Sciliar offers resistance climbing on vertical walls with good grips where you need to be good with your feet.

Ideal period
All year. Bear in mind that the sun goes down in the afternoon.

Near the famous Torre Trieste and Torre Venezia of the Civetta group, there is the small cragof Corpassa. You can access it in a few minutes via a short staircase that leads to the intimate ledge you can admire the nearby peaks. It is not a place for crowds and is not suitable for children or animals.

Massive and with holes, the Dolomia dello Sciliar crag offers technical climbing and movement on vertical or slightly overhanging walls.

Ideal period
From April to October. Due to its particular location, in spring and autumn the sun illuminates the wall only for a few hours. It remains quite wet after a few days of rain.

The history of Farenzena as a climbing wall starts a long time ago. Even before the 1970s, the strongest climbers in the valley used it as a training and preparation place for summer ascents in the Dolomites. With the arrival of the 1980s, here they started using the equipment for increasingly extreme itineraries. In 1999 the main boulder was completely re-equipped with resin-coated fixes by the Association “The Revolt”. Recently young local climbers have equipped new pitches on some boulders originally used for bouldering activities (boulders “F” and “G”).

Boulders of very solid and rough limestone, which appear at times overhanging and at times supported. The holds are generally small and clear, and the climbing nature is technical.

Ideal period
From March to October. Avoid periods that are too hot in summer.



The association

Founded in 2001, La Rivolta has been an AICS-affiliated Amateur Sports Association since 2013. It is based in Agordo in the province of Belluno.

The Association carries out the main non-profit activity in organizing activities of the following sports: climbing, mountaineering, trekking, alpine skiing, snowboarding, and all those activities that have a close relationship with the mountain in respect of a series of values: life as an inalienable good, a right to be defended and protected, and sport as a means to learn to love life.

How to join the association

To join La Rivolta, it is necessary to share its social purpose and pay the annual fee of € 50.00 (for children under 18, it’s € 30.00). The fee entitles you to access the climbing wall located in Taibon Agordino (BL) during opening hours and participate in activities promoted by the association. The fee also supports the activities promoted by the association.

Read the statute on the website.