Mountain Bike Association and Trail Care

Dolomites Heart A.S.D. is a sports association, officially founded in 2018, but present in the area for several years now that mainly deals with the maintenance and restoration of trails to use them with mountain bikes. We also organize mountain bike tours in the area or other structures, such as bike parks or pumptracks, and we provide logistical support to driving courses organized by federal instructors.

We aspire to become the point of reference in Agordino for gravity disciplines lovers and establish a dialogue with the various institutions to maintain and expand the local path network.


Dolomites Heart A.S.D. takes care of the maintenance of the Conca Agordina paths, which has the town of Agordo as its center. The trails develop mainly on the Duran Pass and Forcella Aurine slopes.

The Duran pass is located on the orographic left of the Conca Agordina and connects Agordo with the Val di Zoldo. Here, Dolomites Heart began to take its first steps both in trailbuilding and riding and also in organizing days with the bike shuttle. The Duran area is the richest in trails perfect for mountain bikes. From the classic descent that starts from La Pèra to the paths that begin near the Carestiato refuge, here you will find a great variety of trails.