Happy Eagles Dolomiti Paragliding Team

The point of reference for those who experience paragliding on the Agordino.

Flying in Agordo

Take off
There are essentially two (ColVignas and Rifugio Scarpa), although we offer others more or less abandoned.

Altitude: 600 mt.

From the center of Agordo, you proceed for 300 meters towards Cencennighe, then turn left towards Forcella Aurine. Landing is after 500 meters near the cemetery, north of the roadman’s house. It is a meadow with a wind vane. Beware of the power line that runs parallel. The strong breeze from the valley can create difficulties (the afternoon landing can be hard). The area is subjected to mowing so, when the grass is high, try avoiding walking on it.

Agordo is a large basin in the center of the Val Cordevole. The slopes that overlook it become impressive rock bastions, with massifs such as the Agner, Moiazza, and San Sebastiano.

The flight
It is a valley flight characterized by a strong breeze, which can be annoying in the central hours of the day. The ideal period for flying in these areas starts from early March until the end of May. In summer it is recommended to fly mainly in the evening when it’s less windy. You can fly until after 8 pm.

Cross Country
If the weather is fine, we suggest the Framont: from here, you can start to conquer the Pale di San Lucano. In addition, you can go to Moiazza, San Sebastiano, Tamer, and around the whole basin. If the day is excellent, there are no limits: by climbing over the Pale di San Lucano you get into the Valle del Biois, and by crossing the Moiazza you can point to the Pelmo and the Ampezzana basin (someone has been able to descend along the valley to emerge in Val Belluna!)


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