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We are a group of alpine guides who have been working together for 20 years now. We were born and raised among the Venetian canals, only to decide to grow old among the Dolomite crags!

We like to travel to discover the mountains and cultures of the world: we have touched rocks and skied slopes in Morocco, Kenya, Alaska, Argentina, Tanzania, Tibet, Island, Greece, Nepal… but since returning home means getting back to the Agorder Dolomites, the return is definitely easier!

We love all the aspects of our work, but if we can do it by staying a little away from the crowd, we are certainly happier! For this reason, we adore the Agordo Dolomites, where there are lonely peaks even in mid-August!

Valerio Scarpa
I’m an Alpine guide who also did other things, but in the end, I surrendered to the call of the Dolomites!
Born in the 1970s, I grew up in Mestre-Venice, where, from a very young age, I spent the afternoons climbing ancient Venetian towers, overpasses, and various fencing walls.
I’m Filippo, Nicolò and Mattia’s dad and Elena’s husband, and I’m absolutely faithful to my van, with which I share a good part of my life, in wealth and poverty, health and sickness!
I really like using climbing, trekking, and skiing as excuses to travel: I was lucky enough to have a good time in Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Morocco, Croatia, Greece, Nepal, India, Kenya, and Turkey.
Today I live in a small village in the Agordino, finally fulfilling the dream of experiencing the mountains!
I’m excited to take you to the less famous places: they are certainly the most authentic and the ones I prefer!
I always say what I think so you’ll never have doubts! I love to be direct and clear!

Maurizio Venzo
Alpine Guide and National Instructor of Guide Alpine.
Born in the historic center of Venice in 1955, I grew up with oars and carabiners.
My love for mountaineering led me to travel the world climbing wonderful mountains: Aconcagua, Mount Mc Kinley, Ararat, Kenya, Elbrus, Damavan, Kilimanjaro, and I have more dreams to make true!
My other great passion has always been to accompany young people to mountain jobs. For many years, I have played an active role in training courses for aspiring mountain guides, but I also directed the first Venetian course for mid-mountain guides and some formative experiences in the world of volcanological guides.
I strongly believe that a great passion is a gift we must share!
A day together will always be an opportunity to improve because we never stop learning, especially when we have fun together!

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