The traditional masks of the Agordino

The idea of carving wooden masks in Rivamonte dates back to the early twentieth century. Inspired by horror, these first faces called the “Òlt de la Spia” are characterized both by male and female features. The progenitor sculptor was Crispino Selle, who lived in the La Spia hamlet.
After almost fifty years, a cheerful company of young people created a fair number of other wooden masks, faces that inspired laughter and happiness: the so-called “Òlt da Riva”.
Today, Giovanni Battista “Tita” Bressan keeps alive this tradition: by sculpting “òlt”, he gained national and international fame.

On Sunday 16 February 2020, the first edition of “Òlt da Riva e Compagnia Bela” went on stage. This carnival masquerade brushed up this ancient tradition of “òlt”. The event was also strongly supported by the “Gruppo Folk del Pói”. Born in 1996 in Gosaldo, it counts twenty members from the villages of the Conca Agordina. The Group always tries to keep alive the local musical tradition, the original dances, and the naïve flavor of popular culture.


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